About Us



Hello! My name is Anna Love and I am the Owner of Love's Learning Loft.  I started my business in my home in 1994, when I had my first child.  I continued to care for children in my home until 2009.  I had the opportunity to move it out of my home when my children were approaching their teenage years.  I love children and have always felt this is what I was meant to do.  I love getting to know each child and meeting parents.  I feel it is important to develop a personal relationship in the center, as well as outside the center by planning special events; such as Christmas Parties, Halloween Parties, going to the Cavs on occassion, etc.  Love's is a larger center, but it is still family owned.  My goal has always been to be the best and to provide the best possible care and education to each and every child.  Each child is different and may need to approach learning in a different way than some children.  We evaluate children to determine what the best teaching method is for each child.  I call it Creative Learning.  To be able to provide individualized teaching techniques to children that may need a little extra help, or may just have a different way of learning.  

I am always here to listen and to help. 



On occasion we offer special discounts to new families enrolling.  Any special rates or discounts can be found below:

We are in the process of transitioning many children.  Once the transitioning is complete we will have space.  There may be a 2 week waiting period, but spots can be secured to lock in our special rates.


Military: We offer a 3% discount to Moms or Dads that Serve.

Multiple Child: 10% off the oldest child

Monthly Tuition Payments: Families that pay the entire month receive a 3% discount.

*Please note our discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or special rate.

Current Special Rates:

Infant: $185 per week or $47 per day (min. 2 days)

Toddler: $175 per week or $47 per day (min. 2 days)

Preschool: $160 per week or $43 per day (min. 2 days)

All Current Special Rates Expire August 31, 2018.



We welcome families with open arms.  We understand that choosing a child care center is one of the hardest decisions to be made in the early years of your child's life.  We will help you every step of the way.  We will love and nurture your child while providing an education to prepare them for school.  We will be the best for your child and your family.  

We will listen to your wants and needs and do everything we can for you and your child.  

Below is a List of Some of What We Provide:

- We are open extended hours.  We open at 5am.  We also have extended evening hours available from 6pm-9pm .

- We provide a morning snack, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack.

- We are a Nut Free Center

- We provide a safe and sanitary environment.  We use only medical grade cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and have a Zono Machine for toys and equipment.  We also have a bacterial killing UV light that kills all surface bacteria.

- Every classroom has it's own child size bathroom to ease potty training.

- We open a "sick room" from October until March.